From Ciampino Airport to Sutri (45 mins)

Leaving Ciampino airport, turn right immediately down the slip road following the signs for 'Roma' and 'autostrada'. This dual carriageway will take you to the GRA (Grande Raccordo Annulare), Rome's equivalent of the M25 or péripherique. After about 2km, you need to take the first exit onto the GRA marked "A1 Napoli, Firenze' joining the GRA at exit 23.

Once on the GRA, you continue for 15 minutes until exit 5 (uscità 5), where you leave the GRA on the ss2bis, the via cassia, signed 'Viterbo' and 'Olgiata' (a golf club).

The ss2bis will take you all the way to Sutri, which is about 38 km (30 minutes). You will see blue km marking signs by the side of the road giving the distance from Rome. Sutri is at the 50km mark. It is about 7km after the point where the road goes from dual to single carriageway at Monterosi.

When you arrive at Sutri, you will turn the corner and see the town on top of the block of tufo rock to the right of the road. You need to drive all the way round the base of the rock and enter the town from the north side (there is a one way system in the centro storico). At the end of the tufo block, turn first right off the ss2bis (via cassia) following signs for 'centro'. You will enter Sutri via Porte Morone.

Ciampino Airport Information: In Italy: 06 794 941, from abroad: + 39 06 794 941 or consult the website for on-line timetable and flight information,